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The realization of fair expositions are dealing with since 1994. Our primary program is the realization of fair expositions built of wood and its substitutes, manufacture of atypical furniture for the needs of exhibitors and advertising needs of wood. Of course there is that do not reject the implementation of the system. Our field of competence, and options, extends throughout the whole of Europe from England to Russia. The client we offer modern design, high quality equipment, the production of graphics, including the application also in 3D, precise implementation, to the satisfaction of the client, a friendly environment, the realization of any feasible request. During the presentation, we were monitoring and service.


We are the key to the gates of Europe!
Our advertising company provides comprehensive advertising services, including the implementation of fair expositions with a focus for Central Europe. Our sales team is ready to advise, design and implement your participation on foreign trade fair anywhere in the world. Each year we arrange group or individual presentation of companies at exhibitions and fairs abroad.We offer a long-term partnership, modern and imaginative design using systems or atypical elements of the exposition, tradition, high quality design, quality craftsmanship, experience.We provide guidance in choosing the appropriate fair according to the requirements of the Exhibitor

  • administrative processing handout and all contact with the organizers of fairs and exhibitions
  • rental of exhibition space
  • processing project proposals and graphic solution type and construction
  • exposures of atypical expositions "on key" all technical connections for operation of exposure
  • mediation of accommodation exhibits freight forwarding and transportation of exhibitors offer awide range of services
  • novelties and options for the presentation and promotion of your business at home and abroad
  • advantageous price and payment conditions



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